Who We Are

The Surplus Experts, LLC is a legal California Limited Liability Company. Our Legal Corporate Office is located in Sacramento, California. We do our document processing in Ontario, California.

Our company is comprised of licensed private investigators, research analysts, court researchers and document specialists, as well as customer service representatives.

We have over 24 years of investigative experience. Our experience has been in locating assets and people. We formed our company to bring together the funds and the people owed the funds.

Our expenses are completely paid in advance by us. There is never any upfront fee to any of our clients. We only get paid if we are successful in collecting the money. It’s really a win, win situation.

If we contacted you, congratulations! That means we already found the money!

Because we invest upfront to obtain this information we cannot disclose to you the origin of the funds or the amount until we have a signed agreement to work for you in obtaining the funds.

Once we get a signed agreement and a signed limited power of attorney from you, we will then reveal the amount and the location of the funds. At that point we will retain legal counsel to submit the letters and motions as well as pay all the fees incurred which will come out of our end of the deal.

We work on a percentage of the money located. The fees are from 40-50% depending on the amount and the complexity of obtaining the funds. Again, this all is paid upfront by us and taken out of the net proceeds.

This is money you never knew existed and may have never known, so again, congratulations!

We look forward to working with you and getting you your funds!