Billions of Dollars of Unclaimed Money!


Claim Your Funds With Absolutely No Upfront Costs! We Purchase Claims And We Also Collect On Assignment! No Cost Upfront Ever!


Is that letter, phone call, text message you got real? Yes, it’s genuine. Yes, we can help you obtain funds that are owed to you-and may even have been owed to you for years. We may even purchase that claim from you and pay you money upfront! In any case we will NEVER ask you for a dime upfront!

how to claim your unclaimed funds…

We are Convinced the Reason There is So Much Money Out There That is Owed the Public is Because We Have Become a Mobile Society and People Move Around!

People Don’t Believe These Funds Actually Exist!

People Think it’s Too Good To Be True!

People Think It’s a Scam!

We Can Assure You, These Funds Do Exist or We Would Not Have Contacted You!

Our Time Is Too Valuable to Waste, Let Us Prove to You That We Can Recover Your Funds!

You Have Nothing to Lose! We only earn our FEE if we successfully get the funds you are owed!

The Surplus Experts contacted you because you are the owner of unclaimed funds that we have located! We have the ability to recover this money for you as we have full time licensed private investigators on staff, research experts and we retain our own staff of lawyers.
We do NOT charge an up-front fee to use our services. When your unclaimed funds have been recovered, we charge a percentage of the recovered funds. In fact in many cases we will purchase the claim from you pay you money upfront and money when the claim is paid. We come out of pocket for all expenses and attorney’s when needed which in many cases can cost thousands of dollars up-front. 

The fee includes the following:

  • Years of experience in performing prompt unclaimed funds recoveries.
  • Dedicated personnel that will help you in every step of the claims process
  • Our strong relationships with the entities who hold unclaimed funds
  • All expenses associated with locating the funds, utilizing the proper documentation and going through the procedure correctly!

The Surplus Experts is a government-regulated unclaimed property specialist

The Surplus Experts excels in locating owners and heirs to inform and assist them in the recovery of their unclaimed property. We specialize in administrative, judicial, and entitlement documentation procedures required to secure the release of dormant and unclaimed assets. Other services include Estate Facilitation and Inheritance Distribution Services, Asset Purchases.

Cases typically involve assets exceeding $10,000.00.

Why you should use our services! Filing a claim for the return of unclaimed property is similar to the concept of filing for a tax refund. The complexity of proving ownership of the property will depend upon the specific circumstances of your case. Success will depend on experience, knowledge of unclaimed property laws and rules, time availability, the degree of difficulty related to proving ownership and working with others who may have an interest in the property. Government data shows that more than half of all claims are rejected for failure to provide adequate proof of ownership. Unclaimed property administrators require that the documents provided to prove ownership meet a preponderance of evidence standard to avoid lawsuits.

No Recovery, No Fees! Ever! Each case is unique. Fees are determined by what is required to document ownership or to distribute inheritance, the risk we take relative to the amount time and financial resources we must expend to prove ownership and the anticipated difficulty involved to deliver your assets to you. Service fees are fully disclosed in advance – there are no upfront charges or fees. Fees are contingent upon success. If we fail you owe us nothing. And if we purchase your claim and advance you funds, the funds we advance you may be kept for your time and efforts in assisting us with items and signatures when needed!


Why wasn’t I contacted previously?

The party that originally owed you the money has tried to contact you(or at least they were supposed to). They were required to turn over your funds to a third party trust account because their contact attempts were unsuccessful.
The trust account holder also attempted to contact you (or at least they were supposed to). They were unsuccessful and your funds have sat in the trust account ever since. The Surplus Experts, is contacting you now because we are recovery funds investigators that specializes in dealing with instances where the contact process had broken down.

How long will it take to get my money?

You can expect to receive your money within 90-180 days depending on the jurisdiction.

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